How To Order

Ordering T-Shirts:

You are able to choose the style, color, and size of your t-shirt.  Zazzle offers many different options which widely vary in price, so play around a bit to create the exact shirt you want.  Some styles are limited in their available sizes, while some go all the way up to 6X.

Badly Drawn Designs are available in black print or white print.  Black print designs are shown on a male model, using the Value T-shirt in White.  White print designs are shown on a female model, using the Ladies Petite T-Shirt in Black.

Choose which color print you want based on the color of shirt you would like to order.  If you want a light colored shirt, such as white or pink, choose a Black Print design.  If you want a dark colored shirt, such as black or navy blue, choose a White Print design.  Some colors, like red, may look good with either black or white print, so the choice would be your personal preference.

Click on the design you want to order, and you’ll be taken to the design’s main page.  On the left you’ll be able to zoom in on the design and see it on different models, if you wish.  On the right are two boxes to choose your style, color, size, and quantity.  Start with the lower box, “Choose your style and color” since the available sizes will be dependent on the style you choose.  As you make selections, the picture on the left will change so you can see exactly how the shirt will look.  On the right, you’ll notice the price in the upper box changing as you select different styles, colors, and sizes.  Darker colors and larger sizes cost more.  Darker colors also take longer to process, so if you’re in a hurry to get your shirt, you might want to go with a lighter color.

Once you’re satisfied with all your options, click the “Add to cart” button.  If you’ve forgotten anything, such as choosing your size, a box will pop up telling you what you need to do.  Once the item has been added to your cart, you can edit your cart, keep shopping, or proceed to checkout by clicking the appropriate links/buttons.  When you checkout, you’ll first be asked your full name, address and phone number (all required), then you’ll choose a shipping option.  You can pay via PayPal or with Visa, MasterCard, or American Express.



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